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Stepping out of the ivory tower as an outstanding graduates of UPM and the faculty does not mean that your relationship with the community here is stalled. Former UPM graduates in general and the alumni of Faculty of Environmental Studies in particular, are welcome to join the UPM Alumni Association, which is specially set up to strengthen the bonds of fellowship and beneficial networks from the varied field of expertise and also be a member of the faculty’s alumni.

Many of the UPM Alumni members have been appointed as ambassadors for their big contribution in their respective fields, leaving a huge impact on society and the country - as well as bringing the name of the university internationally. In line with this success, the Faculty also wishes to celebrate the success of Faculty’s alumni, especially in areas related to the environment.

Armed with a passion for strengthening the ranks of formerly respected university communities, alumni are expected to share great ideas and voice critical views for the dynamic development of the university and the faculty in realizing their vision and mission.

Updated:: 02/08/2017 [zufarzaana]