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Green@Universiti Putra Malaysia: cultivating the green campus culture

By: Ahmad Zaharin Aris, Zakiah Ponrahono, Mohd Yusoff Ishak, Nor Hazlina Zamaruddin, Nor Kamariah Noordin, Renuganth Varatharajoo, and Aini Ideris

A dynamic sustainability process in university require a holistic approach on university’s teaching, research, operations and daily campus life. Campus community; individually and collectively roles in various environmental efforts are vital in engaging with the university’s green systematic transformation fundamental. A comprehensive green campus mission aimed at achieving sustainability will indirectly create a new generation of socially and ecologically responsible citizens. In its role as a higher learning institution at the forefront of the sustainability movement, UPM is fully committed to alleviate and mitigate adverse environmental impacts. UPM is committed to provide services and to be developed based on the principles of sustainable development and responsible in raising the quality of life and ensure continuity of universal life (Fig. 1). In terms of campus environment, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defines as fundamental that explains the importance of conserving ecological balance by reducing the depletion of natural resources. Comprehensively, SDGs adaptation into university management and operation, maneuver as the fundamental approach to addresses, involves and promotes, on the minimization of negative environmental, economic, societal, and health effects. It nourishes the transition of sustainable lifestyle of the campus society through the activities of teaching, research, outreach and partnership

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