Hidrologi Alam Sekitar dan Hidrogeogologi

Ketua :Dr. Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman (Professor Madya)

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  • Determination of Impact of Land Use - Land Cover Changes on Flood Hydrology of the Pahang River Basin.
  • Development of Land Use Cumulative Index (LUCI) For River Water Quality Management.
  • Evaluation of the Surface Water and Groundwater Resource Potential in Industrial Growth Centers.
  • Study on the Processes and Mechanisms Involving Microbial Activities in Enhancing River Water Quality Using Agrobase Media.
  • Development of a Numerical Model of Non Aqueous Phase Liquid in Unsaturated Soil Under Tropical Conditions.
  • Determination of Shallow Landslide Potential in the Fraser Hill Catchment Area in Pahang.
  • Evaluation of Slope Stability From Pos Selim to Simpang Pulai Highway Using Remote Sensing Techniques.