Kata Aluan Dekan


Associate Prof. Dr. Ramdzani Abdullah  : Dean's Faculty of Environmental Studies

Recent times have seen a rise of what can be termed sustainable development movement in terms of a heightened concern with the state and future of the environment.  Sustainable development, however, is an ambitious pursuit. Fundamental to its achievement are substantive changes in how market activity is undertaken within the circular flow of natural capital and output and in how environmental policy is formulated. The key is to modify behaviour so that economic growth and environmental protection can become reinforcing rather than competing goals. Although the needed changes will take time to orchestrate, several initiatives are being developed in nations around the world that are moving public and private efforts in this direction. 

Faculty of Environmental Studies is committed and proactively responsive to these efforts to move Malaysia and the world towards a more sustainable future. Thus the faculty’s prime task, with regard to teaching and research, is to ensure that they are market driven, responsive and to lead in meeting the challenges of the changing needs of the new world order. Its output must be able to contribute to the economic, social and cultural progress and enhancement of the quality of life through environmentally sound and sustainable development.

Associate Prof. Dr. Ramdzani Abdullah