Course Synopsis

ESC 5012 Analytical Techniques in Environmental Sciences 3 Credits

This course covers various aspects of analysis and the latest equipment used in environmental study. Various analytical procedures using the latest techniques and instrumentations will be highlighted.

ESC 5013 Water Pollution Control Technology 3 Credits

This course covers methods for managing and treating pollutants in the effluent of manufacturing industries, including the application of suitable treatment technology based on the characteristics of the effluent.

ESC 5014 Environmetal Measurements 3 Credits

This course covers appropriate methods and scientific techniques for measuring environmental quality parameters.

ESC 5016 Man and Ecosystems 3 Credits

This course covers principle, dynamic and development, effects of pollution and climate change and management of ecosystem. Emphasis is given on current issue of climate change impacts, sustainable development, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, environmental legal aspect and environmental ethics.

ESC 5017 Environmetal Pollution and Treatment Technology 3 Credits

This course covers various environmental pollution problems and appropriate control methods. This includes issues on water, air and noise pollutions, management of domestic solid wastes and hazardous wastes.

ESC 5112

Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment

3 Credits

This course covers basic principles of toxicology that used to make reasonable judgment about the potential hazards and the risks associated with chemical exposures.

ESC 5210 Water Science 3 Credits

This course covers scientific principles as applied to water and its problem. Discussion also covers the chemical and physical characteristics of water and processes related to hydrology.

ESC 5211 Water Quality, Salinity Control and Reclamation 3 Credits

This course covers water quality parameters and salinity control in relation to soil and plant factors, soil reclamation and waste water disposal and their effects on water bodies.

ESC 5212 Watershed Hydrology 3 Credits

This course covers application of fundamental principles to quantify hydrologic processes occurring in watersheds including application of hydrological models and impact study.

ESC 5214 Modeling of Watershed Hydrology 3 Credits

This course covers modeling the effects of management practices and watershed changes on water yield, soil erosion, sedimentation and river water quality.

ESC 5311

Urban Climate and Air Pollution

3 Credits

This course covers the effects of urbanization on urban climate and air pollution. Impact of weather on air pollution and its implications on human well-being and related legislations will be discussed.

ESC 5515

Environment Impact Assessment Technique

3 Credits

This course covers the techniques for identification, prediction and interpretation of impacts in carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment.  The discussions will cover the major components of the environment such as water, air, hydrology, biology and socioeconomics.


Research Design & Methodology for Environmental Science

3 Credits

This course covers the philosophy, design and methods of scientific research that are commonly used in environmental fields.

ESC 5518

Statistical Analysis and Interpretation of Environment Data

3 Credits

This course covers analysis of environmental data using statistical methods. Development of hypotheses and selection of suitable testing methods are discussed.

ESC 5903


1 Credit

This course covers the presentation of seminar including the critical review of current topics in environmental science, technology and planning.

ESC 5911

Environmental Fieldwork

3 Credits

This course covers topics on the monitoring aspects during environmental report preparation. This course involves practical work where students are required to attend a 7-day fieldwork program. During the fieldwork, students are required to do research on impact of development on the environment at a particular location. Research will be carried out in groups and the students shall prepare an environmental report following an approved format.

ESC 5991

Special Topics in Environmental Studies

3 Credits

This course covers the special topics in the field of environment based on each individual student research. Theories on parameter measurements within the areas of Environmental Science and Technology are discussed. The information gathered during the student research will be discussed.

ESC 5988

Environmental Research Project

6 Credits

This course covers design and implementation of scientific research project related to the environment.

ESC 6981

Recent Advances in Environmental Sciences

3 Credits

This course covers issues on current developments in research methods and findings in Environmental Sciences and Technology


EMG 5102

Solid and Toxic Waste Management

3 Credits

This course covers principles of solid and toxic waste management in the planning of cities and development of industries in the country.

EMG 5104

Environmental Planning and Management

3 Credits

This course covers concepts and methods practiced in environmental planning and management. Students will be taught ways developing alternatives in planning and managing developmental projects. Skills in choosing the appropriate alternatives and mitigation measures to reduce environmental impacts as results of development will be stressed.

EMG 5105

Industrial Environmental Management

3 Credits

This course covers a practical understanding of environmental issues associated within the manufacturing and service industries. It discusses concepts, principles and criteria for environmental management involving the manufacturing, processing, chemical and service based industries. The use of risk management systems and emergency preparedness within the industry and in the context of its surrounding environs is examined.

EMG 5201

Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Plan

3 Credits

This course covers the use of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) method and planning of projects or actions. Procedures, guidelines and EIA implementation problems in Malaysia and other countries will be discussed

EMG 5302

Trade, Finance and Sustainable Development

3 Credits

This course covers aspects of international trade and finance and sustainable development from environmental perspective

EMG 5303

Energy in the Market

3 Credits

This course covers the interlinking process of economic system, environmental system and renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.


Advanced Environmental Ethics

3 Credits

This course covers stimulate thinking, discussions, concern and action towards the development of a living ethic compatible with nature

EMG 5402

Social Impact Assessment

3 Credits

This course covers assessment method, data analysis utilizing software package and computer facilities and involves technical aspects in social impact report writing.

EMG 5501

Environmental Law

3 Credits

This course covers the Malaysian Legal System, the appropriateness and effectiveness of the statutory and non-statutory laws, environmental issues and its legal implications, also local and international case law.

EMG 5505

Land Development and Environment

3 Credits

This course covers concept of land and township developments, types of project development, process of agricultural and forest lands conversion to township development, landfill and industry.  Soil quality, environmental management, degradation of environmental quality, remediation of polluted soil and environmental impact assessment are discussed.

EMG 5506

Heritage Conservation

3 Credits

This course covers the concepts and types of heritage as well as the methods for its conservation.

EMG 5601

Environmental Education Principles

3 Credits

This course covers the basic principles and goals of environmental education. The education aspect in school and college levels related to teaching and learning techniques, the role of education administration and environmental education activities will be discussed.

EMG 6991

Recent Advances in Environmental Management

3 Credits
This course covers selected topics of current research interest new developments in research methods and results in environmental management which include environmental policy, new concepts, techniques, and practices.

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