Strategic Plan

The Faculty Strategic Plan was launched on 9 December 2004 at the official launching ceremony of the Faculty of Environmental Studies. The officiating ceremony was conducted by the Minister of Higher Education.


The mission of the Faculty is to be become a centre of excellence for education, research and professional services which contributes to environmentally-sound and sustainable development for the continuous growth of economic, social, cultural conditions as well as improved quality of life.


  • To produce quality graduates who are competitive and resilient through lifelong learning.

  • To transform FPAS into a renowned research university.

  • To upgrade UPM as a renowned center of learning, agricultural and bio-resources services internationally.

  • To enhance a quality management system that is effective, efficient, transparent and client-friendly.

  • To develop and create excellent human resources and professional environment.

  • To promote an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) culture through e-University.

  • To effectively generate and manage University Financial Resources.

  • To establish Faculty as the Center of Professional Development Services and Continuing Education.


Strategic Plan

9 December 2004 9 December 2004