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Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D)


Field Of Study

  (a) Environmental Sciences  
Environmental Quality Conservation
Environmental Pollution Control Technology
Environmental Analysis and Modeling
Environmental Systems and Processes
Marine and Fresh Water Ecosystem
Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology


  (b) Environmental Management  
  Environmental Planning and Management
  Environmental Policy and Governance
  Environmental Economics
  Environmental Ethics
  Environmental Education


Introduction To The Programme

The program will equip students with knowledge and expertise through course work, research, critical and analytical thinking and exposure to recent advances in environmental sciences. The objective of the program is to produce graduates who are able to use their knowledge in science and technology as an application to overcome the environmental problem in order to achieve a sustainable administration and development. Graduates from this program will be competent to carry out research and teaching in related fields.


Admission Requirements

Applicants should posses a Master Degree recognized by UPM in Environmental Studies or other equivalent qualification. Those with a Bachelor's degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.75 and above or equivalent to a First Class Honors may also apply for direct admission into the Ph.D programme.


Semester Offered

First Semester and Second Semester.


Graduation Requirements

a. Credit Requirement

The minimum coursework requirement for graduation is 12 credits. Students are allowed to register for courses offered within or outside the faculty to support his field of study. The courses will be determined by the Supervisory Comitte.

b. Other Requirements

  i. SPS 6903 Seminar
A Ph.D candidate is required to register and must pass SPS 6903 Seminar (1 credit). This course must be registered by the second semester of the program.
  ii. Comprehensive Examination
A Ph.D candidate is required to pass a comprehensive written and oral examination. This examination is to be taken after completing all courses as required by the programme. The examination is to evaluate the students knowledge in the fields of study, the ability of the student to integrate knowledge concerning research and theory on basic issues in the field of research as well as to determine the students knowledge concerning methodology and related research design.
The Ph.D candidate is required to register for SPS 6999 (Ph.D thesis) course. This is a research project whereby at the end of the study period the candidate will submit a thesis. The thesis will be examined and a viva voce will be conducted to determine the student's competency in the field of study.


Tuition Fees

  Basic Fee
Total (RM)
First Semester
Second Semester onwards
Final Semester
  Foreign students same as above with additonal RM 1000.00 per semester.


For further information contact:
Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria
Deputy Dean (Graduate,Research and Development)
Dean's Office
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang