Master of Environment (M.Env)

Introduction To The Programme

The programme will equip students with advanced and professional knowledge through coursework and practice and to expose them to the latest developments in the field of Enviroment . Student may opt for specialization in (a) Enviromental Management or (b) Enviromental Sciences. Graduates from this programme can have career in palnning, managing, research, academics and industry related to environment. A student pursuing a master of Environment may complete the programme with a minimum period of one year and a maximum of three years.


Admissions Requirements

a. Applicants should posses a bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences or related areas with a minimum CGPA of 2.25.

b. Other degree holders with CGPA of at least 2.50 can be considered but are required to take and pass remedial courses that are set by the Department. Prority will be given to candidates who have knowledge and experience in the field that is related with environment management.

c. Candidates with CGPA less than the minimum requirement, but have at least years of working experience in the related field may be considered.


Semester Offered

First Semester and Second Semester.


Programme Requirements

a. Credit Requirement for Graduation

The total requirement for graduation is 40. Student who enroll in this programme are required to take a minimum 0f 25 credits of core courses, 9 credits of specialization courses and 6 credits of elective courses. The list or courses is as follows :

  i. Core Courses
ESC 5016 Man and Ecosystem 3(3+0)
ESC 5017 Environment Pollution and Treatment Technology 3(3+0)
ESC 5515 Environmental Impact Assessment Techniques 3(3+0)
ESC 5517

Research Design and Methodology for Environmental Sciences

ESC 5988 Environmental Research Project 6(0+6)
EMG 5501 Enviromental Law 3(3+0)
EMG 5102 Solid and Toxic Waste Management 3(3+0)
ESC 5903 Seminar 1(0+1)
  ii. Courses on Enviromental Sciences specialization option
ESC 5013 Water Pollution Control Technology 3(3+0)
ESC 5112 Environment Toxicology and Risk Assessment 3(3+0)
ESC 5311 Urban Climate and Air Pollution 3(3+0)
  iii. Courses on Enviromental Management specialization option
EMG 5104 Environmental Planning and Management 3(3+0)
EMG 5201 Environment Impact Assessment and Management Plan 3(3+0)
EMG 5302 Trade, Finance and Sustainable Development 3(3+0)
  iv. Elective courses
Students can choose elective courses offered by the faculty or any other 5000 level offered by the University with the advice and consent of the advisor.
ESC 5012 Analytical Techniques in Environmental Sciences 3(3+0)
ESC 5014 Environmental Measurement 3(3+0)
ESC 5210 Water Science 3(3+0)
ESC 5211 Water Quality, salinity Control and Reclamation 3(3+0)
ESC 5212 Watershed Hydrology 3(3+0)
ESC 5214 Modeling of Watershed Hydrology 3(3+0)
ESC 5518 Statistical Analysis and Interpretation of Environmental Data 3(3+0)
ESC 5911 Environmental Fieldwork 3(3+0)
EMG 5105 Industrial Environmental Management 3(3+0)
EMG 5303 Energy in the Market 3(3+0)
EMG 5401 Advanced Environmental Ethics 3(3+0)
EMG 5402 Social impact Assessment 3(3+0)
EMG 5505 Land Development and Environment 3(3+0)
EMG 5506 Heritage Conservation 3(3+0)
EMG 5601 Environmental Education Principles 3(3+0)


a. Other Requirements

Candidates from other fields who are accepted on provisional status are required to take remedial courses on ESC 3003 and must pass with minimum grade of B.


Tuition Fees

Local Students (Domestic)
Foreign Student (International)
Basic Fees
1st Semester
RM 1,200.00
RM 2,200.00
2nd Semester onwards
RM 950.00
RM 1,950.00
Credit Fees
RM 10,000.00

(RM 250.00 x 40 credits)
RM 16,000.00

(RM 400.00 x 40 credits)
Estimated Total Fees

*(for 4 Semesters)
RM 14,050.00
RM 24,050.00


For further information contact:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Firuz Ramli
Program Coordinator
Faculty of Environmental Studies
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang