Research Grant for S&T academic staff-Public Funding

Project Leader
Amount (RM)
1 Determination of Persistent Organic Pollutants (Pops) In Malaysian Sedimentary Environments And Development of Sediment Quality Criteria  (Sqc) For Hydrocarbons For Coastal Waters Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria 2006-2008 (Sciencefund) MOSTI 169,395
2 Ocean Transboundary Pollution As A Potential  Threat To National Security: Determination And  Characterization Of Fate And Transport Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria 2006-2008 (Sciencefund) MOSTI 247,517
3 Application of Fecal Sterols in investigating Fecal  Pollution in Major Klang Valley and Estuaries Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria 2007-2009 (Sciencefund) MOSTI 111,000
4 Projek Antartica Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria 2007-2012 Akademi Sains Malaysia 450,000
5 Developing Precision Environmental Management Utilizing Green Plot Ratio, Human Activities Phenomena And Physical Development Aspect In Achieving Sustainable Living Environment. Ahmad Makmom Abdullah Dis 2006- Dis 2008 (Sciencefund) MOSTI 211,739
6 Evaluation Of Slope Stability In Pos Selim To Simpang Pulai Highway Using Remote Sensing Technique Mohammad Firuz Ramli Dis 2006- Dis 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 164,596
7 To Evaluate The Potential Of Agricultural Byproducts As Alternative Filter Packing Material For The Biofiltration Of Air Streams Contaminated By Volatile Organic Compounds.  Puziah Abdul Latif Dis 2006- Dis 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 227,384
8 A Study Of The Performance Of Home Water Filters For Improving Water Quality Mohammad Ismail Yaziz Dis 2006- Dis 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 135,602
9 Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) As An Urban Design Approach Towards Creating Visual Qualities In Urban Areas Azizi Muda Dis 2006- Dis 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 160,852
10 Determination Of Effectiveness Of Traffic Noise Barrier In Selected Residential Areas Of Klang Valley. Ramdzani Abdullah Dis 2006- Dis 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 196,392
11 Determination Of Impact Of Land Use - Land Cover Changes On Flood Hydrology Of Pahang River Basin Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman Dis 2006- Dis 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 176,335
12 Development Of A Three Dimensional Numerical Model Of The Strait Of Malacca For Simulating Pollutant Flushing Capacity Zelina Zaiton Ibrahim 1 Dis 2006-30 Nov 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 122,746
13 Forecasting Land-Based Pollution Loads To Estimate Marine Pollution In The Malaysian Seas To The Year 2020 Zelina Zaiton Ibrahim 1 Dis 2006- 30 Nov 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 114,106
14 An Expert System For Selecting An Appropriate Solid Waste Treatment Technology Latifah Abd Manaf 1 Dis 2006- 30 Nov 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 167,719
15 Environmental Evaluation Of Biofuels: A Comparative Study Of Conventional Fossil Fuel Diesel And Palm Oil Base Biodiesel Using Life Cycle Assessment Approach Muhamad Awang 1 Dis 2006- 30 Nov2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 179,395
16 Multi-Dimensional Evaluation Of Coastal Areas For Sustainable Development; Using GIS Mohd Ibrahim Hj Mohamed 1 Dis 2006- 30 Nov 2008  (Sciencefund) MOSTI 108,602
17 Development Of Land Use Cumulative Index (LUCI) For River Water Quality Management Mohd Kamil Yusoff 1Dis 2006- 30 Nov 2008 (Sciencefund) MOSTI 233,994
18 Comparative Study on the Physiology and Growth of Belian Seedkings Grown in Ambient and Elevated CO2 Muhamad Awang 1 Mar 2007-28 Feb 2010  (FRGS)KPT 81,000
19 Evaluation of Surface Water and Groundwater Resource Potential in Industrial Growth Centers Shaharin Ibrahim 1 Mar 2007-28 Feb 2009  (FRGS)KPT 79,400
20 Treatment of Refractory Organic Pollutants (example Halogenated Compounds) in Contaminated Water (Industrial Waste Water and Landfill Leachate) using Ultrasonic Irradiation in Combination with Catalytic Oxidation  Puziah Abd Latiff 1 Mar 2007-28 Feb 2010  (FRGS)KPT 74,000
21 An Analysis of Landscape Change and Forest Resource Utilization for Heritage Conservation : The Jempol Experience, 1900 – 2005 Nor Rasidah Hashim 1 Mar 2007-28 Feb 2009  (FRGS)KPT 65,000
22 An Expert System for Forest Resources Management Latifah Abd Manaf 1 Mar 2007-28 Feb 2010  (FRGS)KPT 50,000
23 Quantifying Carbon Sequestration in Tropical Afforestation, Agroforestry and Forest Management Project using CO2FIX V3 Model Ahmad Makmom Abdullah  1 Mar 2007-28 Feb 2010  (FRGS)KPT 83,000
24 Study on the Process and Mechanism of Microbial Activities in Enhancing river Water Quality Using Agrobase Media Mohd Kamil Yusoff 1 Nov 2007-31 Oct 2009 (FRGS)KPT 30,000
25 Sustainability Index of The Malaysian Agriculture: The Case of Rice Production Mad Nasir Shamsudin 1 Jul 2007-30 Jun 2009 (Sciencefund) MOSTI 166,484
26 Organophospate Exposure Pathways in Agricultural Community Children: Time Aqctivity Behavioral Risk Tengku Hanidza Tengku Ismail 1 Jul 2007-30 Jun 2009 KPT(RUGS) 52,000
27 Determination of Event Mean Concentration (EMC) Values of Periurban Catchments for Application in the Malaysian Stormwater Design Manual (Manual Saliran Mesra Alam, MSMA) Zelina Zaiton Ibrahim 1 Jul 2007-30 Jun 2009 KPT(RUGS) 171,800
28 Development of New Environmental Education Modules as a Tool of Human Resouce Development as to Improve Environmental Stewardship for Students of Teacher's Training Institutes and Other Tertiary Education Instituitions Azizi Muda 1 Jul 2007-30 Jun 2009 KPT(RUGS) 88,400
29 Environmental Consciousness of Food Consumption:Consumer's Attitude and Implications For Producers and Policy Makers Mad Nasir Shamsudin 1 Jul 2007-30 Jun 2009 KPT (RUGS) 94,400
30 Peningkatan Keberkesanan Penguatkuasaan Undang-undang ke atas Pembuangan Enap Cemar di Selat Melaka oleh Agensi-agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia Sutarji Kasmin Jan 2008-Jan 2009 KPT (RUGS Skim Khas) 30,000
31 Development of New Legal Instrument and New System of Technology Operation Management (TOM) in Improving the Clinical waste Management in Malaysia Mohd Bakri Ishak 1 Feb 2008-31 Jan2009 KPT (FRGS) 45,000
32 Determination of Shallow Landslide Potential in Fraser Hill Catchment Area, Pahang Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman 1 Nov 2007-31 Oct 2009 KPT(FRGS) 55,000
33 Assesment of Community Exposure to Pesticide in the Paddy Growing Areas of Sekinchan, Selangor Tengku Hanidza Tengku Ismail 1 Dec 2007- 30 Nov 2009 Sciencefund (MOSTI)  160,000
34 Penyelidikan Tahap kesedaran Sains dan Teknologi di Negeri Sabah Rosta Harun Nov 2007-Nov 2008 Kerajaan Negeri Sabah 143,825
35 Food Consumption and Demand Analysis Mad Nasir Shamsudin April 2007-March 2009 FAMA 399,861.35
36 Vegetation Assemblages and Firefly Diversity in peninsular Malaysia Mangrove Forests Nor Rasidah Hashim     57,000.00
37 Identification of Hydrocarbon Formation in Different Solvents of Blue-Green Algae (A.Platensis and A.Maxima) Normala Halimoon     30,000.00
38 Integrated River Basin and Coastal Ecosystem Management Mohd Kamil Yusoff 2008- MOSTI 280,000.00
  TOTAL       5,103,544



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