Environmental Economics, Policy and Governance

This research group focuses on life cycle assessment studies in municipal solid waste management; different type of market-based instruments and their implementation in environmental economics; sustainbility; improving the culture of corporate environmental behaviour; economic valuation of natural resources; trade and environment; and optimization models for energy production from wastes.

Group Leader : Dr. Mad Nasir Shamsudin (Professor)


Research Projects:

  • Environmental Consciousness of Food Consumption:Consumer's Attitude and Implications For Producers and Policy Makers.
  • Sustainability Index of Malaysian Agriculture: The Case of Rice Production.
  • Environmental Evaluation of Biofuels: A Comparative Study of Conventional Fossil Fuel Diesel and Palm Oil Biodiesel Using Life Cycle Assessment Approach.
  • Development of New Legal Instruments and New Systems of Technology Operation Management (TOM) in Improving the Clinical waste Management in Malaysia.
  • Food Consumption and Demand Analysis.


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