Coastal and Marine Area Management

Group Leader :

Dr. Zelina Zaiton Ibrahim (Associate Professor)


Research Projects:

  • Development of a Three Dimensional Numerical Model of The Strait of Malacca For Simulating Pollutant Flushing Capacity.
  • Forecasting Land-Based Pollution Loads To Estimate Marine Pollution In The Malaysian Seas To The Year 2020.
  • Determination of Event Mean Concentration (EMC) Values of Periurban Catchments for Application in the Malaysian Stormwater Design Manual (Manual Saliran Mesra Alam, MSMA).
  • The Effectiveness of Enforcement of Sludege Disposal Regulations in the straits of Melaca by Maritime Enforcement Agencies in Malaysia.
  • Ocean Transboundary Pollution as a Potential  Threat To National Security: Determination and  Characterization of Fate And Transport of Pollutants.


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